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Discover Ergonme

At Ergonme, we're not just a company - we're a team of dedicated professionals passionate about transforming the conventional desk-job environment into a realm of health, fitness, and peak productivity. With a focus on innovation and forward-thinking solutions, we strive to revolutionize the world of office ergonomics.

Our Research and Development

Our journey began with countless hours dedicated to understanding the root cause of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). We discovered that prolonged hours in front of a computer with poor posture significantly exacerbated these issues. Through collaboration with physiotherapists, orthopedic professionals, and IT application development experts, we developed Strelieve - a series of short yet highly effective stretching exercises.

Our Genesis

Ergonme was founded in 2020 by a cross-functional team of medical doctors, scientists, and IT professionals. Drawing upon their diverse expertise, our team shared a common vision: to revolutionize the world of office ergonomics and boost workplace productivity.

Our Flagship Product


Strelieve features 35 diverse exercises that are displayed at regular intervals, helping users stretch, improve posture, and prevent MSDs. The exercises are designed to target individual pain areas for maximum relief, thereby promoting a healthier, more efficient work life.

Our Mission

At Ergonme, we're on a mission to empower desk-job professionals to embrace a healthy, fit lifestyle while maintaining peak productivity. 

Our Vision

We envision a future where office work culture is revolutionized, and employees are equipped with tools to promote a healthy and productive lifestyle. We're working every day to make that vision a reality.

Our Core Values

Ergonme is grounded in the core values of reliability, trustworthiness, care, and innovation. It's through these values that we engineer solutions enhancing the health and productivity of desk-job professionals​

Improve your workday, health, and life with Strelieve


Join the Ergonme Community

We invite you to join the Ergonme community today. Empower yourself with Strelieve and say goodbye to back and neck pain. Let's work together to redefine the future of work!

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