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Step into a Healthier Future with Strelieve

Your Office Ergonomic Solution

Break free from the chains of prolonged office sitting with Strelieve, your ultimate solution for workplace wellness. Our platform delivers a user-driven prompt video series of scientifically-backed stretch exercises, explicitly designed to prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), the common nemesis in a work culture. With customizable pop-up break alerts and stretch videos that adapt to your preferred frequency, Strelieve integrates seamlessly into your workday, creating a healthier, more productive workspace with just minutes of commitment each day.

Product Overview

User-Driven Prompt Video Series

Strelieve's stretch break software includes simple and effective exercises, approved by medical professionals. These exercises are tailored to individual pain areas for maximum relief and overlay on top of your active applications, ensuring an ergonomic solution for professionals.

Habit Formation and Active Lifestyle

Our customizable pop-up break alerts help develop the habit of regular stretching, fostering an active lifestyle and long-term employee health and well-being.

Real-Time Insights and Progress Tracking

Our Stretch Wellness Report provides real-time insights into your stretching routine, empowering you to monitor and optimize your physical well-being.

Seamless Integration and Accessibility

Our stretch videos can overlay onto your active applications, easily incorporating office stretching exercises into your workday without disturbing your workflow.

Key Benefits

Boosted Work Efficiency

Stay productive and energized throughout your workday with our regular, guided stretching breaks that increase health and productivity enhancement.

Improved Health and Wellness

Enhance mobility, flexibility, and reduce muscle soreness with targeted stretching exercises, helping to promote a healthier, happier workday, emphasizing the importance of healthy work culture.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

By taking preventative action against MSDs with our musculoskeletal disorders prevention approach, reduce the potential healthcare costs associated with prolonged desk work.

Boosted Work Efficiency

Stay productive and energized throughout your workday with our regular, guided stretching breaks that increase health and productivity enhancement.

Better Morale

Improved Health and Wellness, Boosted Work Efficiency, Reduced Healthcare Costs equal a better work environment! Reach out to learn more!

Key Features

Addressing Workplace Health Challenges

Work-related MSDs (WMSDs), often caused by repetitive motions, poor posture, lack of breaks, and high task intensity, can severely impact the physical health and productivity of office workers. Strelieve is here to combat this issue, providing effective workplace wellness solutions that work within your work schedule.

Improve your workday, health, and life with Strelieve

Unlock the Strelieve Advantage

Elevating Health and Productivity

Strelieve is your key to a revolutionized work environment. It is the perfect solution for corporations seeking enhanced wellness and productivity for their employees, HR and health and safety departments committed to nurturing workforce health, and individual professionals aiming to boost personal productivity and well-being. Strelieve provides an optimal solution for all. Leverage our targeted stretch exercises and strategically pivot towards a healthier, more productive workspace. Strelieve - designed thoughtfully, with your wellness as our priority.

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