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What Sets Us Apart

At Ergonme, our success is driven by the expertise and qualifications of our leadership team. With their vast knowledge and experience, they guide us in delivering innovative solutions and shaping the future of desk-based work culture.

Meet the Ergonme Team

Raj Dubbaka

Co-founder and CEO

Raj Dubbaka is the Co-founder and CEO of Ergonme, a seasoned technologist and strategic leader. Holding an MBA from Georgia Tech and having over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Raj's professional journey is marked by a wealth of successful IT implementations in Health & Safety for Fortune 500 clients. His strategic leadership and expertise in Business Development are pivotal to Ergonme's mission to revolutionize workplace culture and promote wellness in the digital workspace.

Dr. Anil Kurmana 

Co-founder and COO

Dr. Anil Kurmana, Co-founder and COO of Ergonme, is a serial entrepreneur with a relentless passion for integrating sustainability into environmental sciences solutions. Anil holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, his distinguished expertise spanning over 20 years in the intertwined fields of Information Technology and Environmental Sciences. With a proven track record of leading operations and successfully delivering complex projects, Dr. Anil Kurmana's contribution to Ergonme's mission of transforming the digital workspace is instrumental.

Dr. Radhakrishnan Panatala 

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Radhakrishnan Panatala is a prominent Scientific Advisor at Ergonme. With a distinctive blend of over 15 years of scientific research and development experience, coupled with a Ph.D. in Cell Biology and Biochemistry from Utrecht University (Netherlands) and Uni Osnabrueck (Germany), Dr. Panatala stands at the forefront of scientific innovation. Author of several high-impact studies, and a respected scientific reviewer for various journals at MDPI (Switzerland), his vast knowledge enriches Ergonme's commitment to fostering an evidence-based approach to workplace wellness.

Dr. Bhargava Sahaj 

Vice President, Research & Development

An accomplished professional in Physiotherapy and Pain Management, Dr. Bhargava Sahaj brings invaluable insights and a decade of experience to his role as VP of Research & Development at Ergonme. Having obtained his Master's degree in Musculoskeletal Disorders and Sports Injuries from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, Dr. Sahaj leverages his deep expertise to spearhead our research and development endeavors. His invaluable contributions form the backbone of Ergonme's commitment to creating innovative, scientifically backed solutions for workplace wellness.

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Ramesh Boddu

Vice President, Information Technology

Ramesh Boddu, Vice President of Information Technology at Ergonme, is a visionary architect with two decades of IT experience. Ramesh has been at the helm of several large-scale implementation projects, catering to top-tier clients, and currently spearheads the development of Ergonme's innovative health and wellness software product. An MBA graduate from May's Business School, Texas A&M University, he brings a diversified portfolio of skills in Product Development, Marketing, Environment Health & Safety, and Sustainability, uniquely positioning him to contribute to Ergonme's vision of a healthier digital workspace.

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